Amped Wireless High Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Router With 4-Inch Touch Screen


Amped Wireless today has released its next Wi-Fi router generation called the TAP-R3. It’s a high power Wi-Fi router that comes with a 4-inch touchscreen and designed to deliver home Wi-Fi coverage.

With the touch screen, there is not much techniques that required to set up this router, all you need are just a few steps with taps and the setup process is completed.

The TAP-R3 could boost your Wi-Fi signals and delivers up to 6X faster, compared to most general 802.11ac Wi-Fi router. It’s a good solution for large home as well as offices.

In addition, the router allows you to create up to 8 Wi-Fi SSID and put restriction on each SSID, which is good for guest or other specific users.

If you are interested in this new high power Wi-Fi router with touch screen, it’s now available online at for $199.99. Currently, it’s only available through the official website store, but will expand to most online and local retailers soon.