Best Ways to troubleshoot “Your Connection Is Not Private” SSL error

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The human race has long back acknowledged the importance of the Internet. It has given us a way to access through the abundance of information merely through one click through many different devices. But again, every single thing present on this planet has its advantages and disadvantages and so does the internet. The same source used by many to access important information and perform various tasks is used by many to hack your personal information.

To ensure that in no ways and means your private information is being used hackers to exploit it further, then you must use the secured connections while accessing the internet.

If you are accessing the internet and visiting a website through an SSL secured method (most commonly called as https) then the “your connection is not private” error shows up, then at the very first make sure that the website address you have typed is correct.

This often happens when attackers try to access your personal information like passwords, bank information, credit card details and etc. through a certain website.

The most common reason that why this above error appears in Google Chrome is due to the problem occurred through the SSL connection, and certainly your browser couldn’t authenticate the SSL certificate you are using.

SSL is basically a secure way that helps encrypt the date from the computer you’re using to access the internet and send the data directly to server. SSL helps to keep your information safe and private while conveying the data and vice versa.

In case if this particular SSL error appears, then there is a chance that your present internet connection is perhaps is preventing to load the website you want to access through a private and secured method.

Why SSL Errors Appearing In Your Chrome Browser?

There are many reasons that can cause this SSL error like accessing internet with an unknown SSL certificate or the expired SSL certificates, or may be the connection between your computer and the server is not secure. But, below are the three mentioned reasons that are responsible for the SSL warnings.

  • The SSL connection between the computer and server is not secure.
  • The SSL certificates might have expired or have set up in a wrong way.
  • The SSL certificate hasn’t been issued by a trusted organization.

Troubleshoot Your Connection Is Not Private Error

As mentioned above, there can be many reasons that can cause the SSL connection errors, but you only will be able to troubleshoot the errors when it appeared from your computer or device you’re using. There’s no way to troubleshoot the error is not authentic, expired or set up in a wrong way from the server side and the owner himself has to troubleshoot it, or someone having the right to the server.

This guide will tell you a few ways to troubleshoot your errors or bypass it the best way.

Check the Date And Time on Your Computer

Many times, the error is caused due to the wrong set up of the date and the time. This many thwarts the Google Chrome to verify the SSL certificate.

And the only way to mend this error caused due to a wrong setup of date and time is by adjusting the date and times your computer. By updating, it error will be troubleshooted.

Check Your Antivirus Software or Firewall

Antivirus Software

The second most common reason that leads to this error is the usage of the antivirus. Yes, you read it right, the antivirus many times blocks the non-authorized SSL certificates or connections.

The only way to troubleshoot this particular error is to turn off the https scan feature in your antivirus or firewall software.

In case if you assume that your antivirus has blocked the SSL connections and you find no other way to turn off the “SSL scanning feature, you can try to disable the program for temporary to check if it has disappeared.

Ignore the SSL Certificate Error from Google Chrome Shortcut

This method is simply a way to avoid the bypass the SSL connection errors and it can’t troubleshoot the error on a permanent basis. This only helps you to make the errors disappear from the Google Chrome until you want them to show again.

 “Your Connection Is Not Private Error” In Android or iOS Device

In case if this “your connection is not private” is appearing on your handled devices like on Android or iOS or tablet, then below mentioned are the few reasons that could lead to this error.

The first thing you should do is to check the date and time and make sure that they have been set up correctly.

In case if you installed a new security software lately, then try to disable them right away.

If the website or the https is just not being opened through Google Chrome and the same site is getting open through different browsers like Firefox and Opera Mini, then there is the chance that something just happened to your Google Chrome.

To troubleshoot the error, try removing the cookies, history and cached files in the browser.

Other common SSL errors you may encounter often:

Connect to network”

This error appears when you are using a WiFi connection that is forcing you to sign in before you can access the internet.

To troubleshoot this error, click “Connect” on the page you want to access through.

“Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie- Hellman public key”

You will see this error in case if you are trying to access through a website that has an outdated security code. Chrome just tries to make sure that you don’t get the chance to interface with these settings.

In case if you own the website then make a move to format your server to strengthen ECDHE and turn off the DHE. In case if ECDHE is filled, you should try killing the DHE and use RSA.