How To Force Quit An Application In Mac OS X Operating System

mac task manager for mac

If you are a new member and just recently use Mac OS X operating system, you might not know much about this new operating system as well as its new features. So, there are so many new features and functions you should know to improve your skills and speed up your tasks.

In the past, when I have moved from Windows and Linux to Mac OS X, I do not really know how to use some easy functions, such as take screen shot of my screen, aka print screen  on Mac, or do not know how to force quit a program on Mac when it’s unresponsive.

However, after doing a few quite searches, it’s very simple to use these features and functions. All you need are just using a few combination keys. For example, if you want to print screen Mac, simply press Command + Shift + 3 keys. This combination will automatically take a screenshot of your full screen and save it as a file on your desktop.

Meanwhile, if you want to force quit an application on Mac OS X, just open the Force Quit Applications and then select the application you want to close. In order to open or launch the Force Quit Applications function, simply press Command + Options + Escape key (aka ESC on your keyboard). This combination will bring up the force quit application window, allow you to select the program you want to force quit and all is done.

There are also other ways you could use to quit an unresponsive program on Mac OS X, such as quit it from the Mac OS X dock, close it from the Mac menu, or quit it from the Activity Monitor (aka Task Manager Mac).

You could also use Terminal app to force quit the application, with the “killall” or “kill” command. To learn more about the “kill” commands, click here.

But if you want to kill an active window on your Mac OS X computer, you can use a combination like Command + Option + Shift + Esc to quit that program.

So, there are so many ways you could apply to close an unresponsive program on Mac OS X operating system. Just remember the fastest way and apply it in case you need.