Learn How To Fix “User Profile Failed To Load” Error In Windows


Windows Update is the most important function of Windows operating system as it helps the system to improve it by updating the system files as well as adding new features. But if something happens to the Windows Update function, it might affected to the whole system and cause a few serious errors on your Windows computer.

If the Windows Update doesn’t work well, the system files might be affected and corrupted. In those cases, your Windows OS will deal with serious errors and sometimes, you will not be able to use it again.

In the past, I was getting “user profile service failed the logon” error in Windows. It occurs on my computer because the default user profile was corrupted and inaccessible. By that, Windows will not let you log into your computer as well as getting any file from the computer.

When you face this error on your computer, you have to turn on the “safe mode” boot option and restart the computer. Your computer will automatically boot into this mode under the “administrator” account.

In the “safe mode”, you will be able to create a new account to use in the normal mode. Simply create a new account and set up the password if you need it. Next, restart your computer and get it back to the normal mode. Then use the account you have just created to log in and copy your files out as well as backup the computer.