Microsoft Works With Qualcomm To Bring ARM Chip To Cloud Services

Microsoft servers

According to an announcement of Jason Zander, the Vice President of the Azure Cloud Division, it seems Microsoft wants to bring ARM processors to its cloud services. By that, the company will work with Qualcomm to develop a version of Microsoft Windows Server that can work with the ARM processor.

In the past, if a company or organization want to use Windows Server, then the computer must be built from Intel processors. The reason is that Microsoft Windows Server doesn’t work with the ARM architecture. Therefore, Microsoft has to develop a new edition of this server-based operating system to make it work with ARM processors.

Also, according to the information, we have received, Microsoft doesn’t have any plans to sell this version of the server-based operating system yet, not yet, at least. Instead, they want to use it for their cloud services, including Microsoft Azure.

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Claimed by Microsoft, the company doesn’t use this testing environment for services that users are currently using. Rather, they are working on particular servers to test the platform and their stability first before taking a forward step to use this architecture for long-term plans.

A few years ago, you might think that the ARM architecture isn’t strong enough as Intel or AMD chips. However, based on the signs of progress of ARM processors, the gap is getting smaller day by day. The chipset that Microsoft will use to emulate the Intel x86 platform is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. This processor supports DirectX12 and delivers the performance equals Intel processors, in the same product line.

So far, the ARM architecture can’t beat Intel or AMD architecture yet. The reason that Microsoft focuses on ARM is it uses less power than others and quite efficient.