Microsoft Will Release The Redesign Action Center On Windows 10

microsoft windows 10

Do you feel boring with the current action center on your Windows 10 computer? At this year BUILD conference, Microsoft announced they will release the new version of action center on Windows 10 soon enough.

This new update will come with the major Windows 10 update called the Aniversary Update, which will also bring the Android phone notification to Windows 10. With this new notification feature, you will able to receive the new information within your Windows 10. You don’t need to take a look into your Android smartphone at all.

According to several rumors, the new action center will allow you to insert widgets in there as well as have the ability to act on other devices such as your smartphone. You will be able to dismiss new notifications or reply to a new message on your phone. Sound great?

At this moment, we don’t have any further information on this new feature of Windows 10. The company also didn’t reveal about does this new feature work with iOS or not.

Stay turned for more updates.