Netflix And Prices Of Its Plan For Customers

netflix cost

If you are an existing customer of Netflix, there is nothing new with you about the price of Netflix. Of course, if you stay long enough with Netflix, you could also receive discount on most plans of Netflix services.

For a new user, you will be charged $7.99 per month for the minimum plan, which allow you to view movies on a single device at the same time and with SD quality. If any customer would like to watch HD movies, they must upgrade to the higher plan, which will cost more.

netflix cost

Most users wonder and asked themselves how much is Netflix. So after reading this article, I hope most users will know how much is Netflix and select the right plan to use on the Netflix streaming service.

You could also select another streaming service like Hulu or something else if you think the price is too high for you. However, if you stay long enough on Netflix, the company will give you the best price / discount per month like $7 per month for the $11 / month subscription plan. Sound great?