Microsoft Still Pushes Updates To Your Computer Anyway Even With A Limited Internet Service

Microsoft Windows 10

It’s a good reason when you choose to stop Windows Update due to having a limited internet connection. It might take a lot of time, or even money to spend for the data plan when still forcing the update.

Luckily, with the launch of the Creators Update in Windows 10, users are now able to force Windows Update to stop officially, for up to 35 days. It’s a perfect time for a laptop because you can bring it to somewhere that has a more robust internet connection, such as your office or public wireless network, and then download and install those Windows updates.

However, Microsoft today confirmed there still required updates that they will force to install onto your Windows 10 PC, even you have a slow internet connection. As claimed, those updates are needed to keep Windows 10 running smoothly. More particular, Windows will avoid receiving large updates, but still focus on and download & install critical fixes to help the operating system running without issues.

If you have an unlimited internet connection, then there’s nothing to worry about. But for users who have limited internet access, or a flat cap connection, then probably you should disable Windows Update service from the list of necessary running services. By doing so, Windows Update won’t automatically be started on your Windows 10 computer, and so there would be no updates to be downloaded.