Resolve DPC Watchdog Violation BSOD Error On Windows 10

blue screen of death

BSOD or also known as blue screen of death is a serious issue on Windows system. You will face this error on your computer when something goes wrong, such as bad hardware issues, faulty drivers or corrupted Windows system files.

However, Windows OS doesn’t often show you the cause of the problem. You need to determine the issue and troubleshoot by yourself or ask for help from other experts.

Today, I will tell you several useful methods to help you identify the cause of the dpc watchdog violation error and fix the issue. Basically, the dpc_watchdog_violation error appears on your Windows computer because you have a corrupted system file or more on your Windows OS. To resolve this problem, you need to use System Repair function to fix your Windows OS.

If you have enabled the System Restore feature before on your computer, you can also use this feature to roll back your computer to the point it’s still working. With this method, you won’t lose any valuable data or personal files. However, it requires you have enabled the feature before, or you won’t have anything to restore from. It works as a backup version of  Windows and allow you to restore your computer from this backup when something goes wrong.

If you have any backup version of your computer, you can also restore the computer from this Windows backup image file. Your computer will be back to work shortly.

Another way you can get your Windows computer back to work is resetting the computer. However, with this method, you will be lost all installed apps on your computer as well as personal data you are stored in the C: partition. I would not suggest you to use this way in case of there is no other method that work with you.