Grab $100 As A Gift From Samsung If You Are A Note 7 Owner

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung introduced the Note 7 Android phablet two months ago. After a week of selling, a serious problem with the battery that makes Samsung have to recall all Note 7 from customers.

Samsung started to replace new Note 7 for clients last week. Unfortunately, the burned problem with Note 7’s battery persists, which make client’s Note 7 – the replacement one – smoking and burned.

After two big and serious problems with its devices, Samsung had to recall all replacement Note 7 and decided to stop produce Note 7 anymore. Despite that Note 7 was a great Android phablet from Samsung that many users love it, there still big problems we can just skip.

It seems Samsung couldn’t detect the problem that leads to smoking and burning. By that, the company has decided to stop produce and will not sell Note 7 anymore. From this incident, Samsung has lost a lot of money, like up to $2 billion dollars for recalling all Note 7. According to estimated statics, Samsung has lost around $17 billion dollars of revenue in case that there is no problem with the Note 7.

Despite the fact that Samsung’s fans are still loving the Note 7, all users have to return it to Samsung and get money back. If you choose not to return it, you can keep it for use. However, most of the airlines are banned Samsung Note 7. So even if your Note 7 still in good condition, without any problems, you can’t carry it to any airplanes. Not to mention your Note 7 could be burned anytime soon.

According to Reuters, in order to boost sales for other Samsung’s devices, any users who are the owner of the Note 7 (both original or replacement) is eligible to grab a $100 bill credit. The users can use this credit to purchase another Samsung product. If you don’t want to buy a Samsung smartphone anymore, you will get a $25 credit to buy a phone from a different manufacturer.

Until now, Samsung has not confirmed the exact reason behind the Note 7 problem. Many rumors said the cause was from the circuit of Note 7, which leads to smoking and burning problems. However, there is no proof to prove this theory yet.

We have got a few information to tell that Samsung has started to design the next generation of the Note, called Note 8, and will introduce to us shortly. If we were Samsung, we would look to boost sales of Samsung Note 5. Besides, we would tell affected clients they will all receive a particular discount on the Note 8 when this phablet appears. This could be a perfect solution to keep customers, right?

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