SanDisk Introduces A New Solid State Drive Lineup


SanDisk, a global company that provides flash storage solutions for many types of customers, today introduced a new solid state drive (SSD) lineup. This new high performance SSD called SSD1. It’s a new high performance SSD, durable and support waterproof.

The SanDisk SSD1 is designed for videographers and photographers, who need a high performance storage solution as well as reliable and waterproof. This is a good and reliable storage solution for who need it on the go, because it’s a lightweight and portable SSD, and small that fit on most pockets or bags.

This new portable SSD also supports for 128-bit encryption to protect your files. It also delivers a fast transfer speed, which could up to 430 MB per second. So you can copy your photo or video files in or out of the portable SSD faster.

The SanDisk SSD1 or also known as Extreme 510 Portable SSD will be available in 480GB of capacity and will come with two years of warranty from the manufacturer.

If you would like to purchase this upcoming portable solid state drive from SanDisk, it will cost you about $249.99. It’s the MSRP and could be changed when it hit to retailers or online store.