How To Setup New Name For Wireless Router?

wireless router

If you are just bought a new wireless router and don’t know how to setup it with your current network, then take a look at this article, and we will help you do it.

Usually, a new router always comes with a setup document, just read the document, it will tell you how to log in to your router. In fact, in most cases, you will able to access the router through two of these IPs: and

The default username and password should be “admin” or maybe something else. You can look at the manual to get it. This information should be placed at the back of the wireless router. You also should look at that location too.

After accessing the wireless router, go to “Wireless” tab and set the name of your router as well as the passphrase. If you don’t know which name should be right, why not read this article to grab a few funny wifi names for your wireless router?

If you already have a modem at your home, just plug the cable from that router to this wireless router, and it will work fine. It will automatically scan and config the rest and start to work.

If there is no modem on your home yet and you use this wireless router as a modem, you need to reconfigure a few settings on it to make it connect to the Internet.