Tools You Can Use To Open Blocked Websites


There are many reasons why your office or school network administrator creates filters to block some specific websites, such as social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter or Google; and many others. But the main reason that they don’t want you access these sites while learning in the school or working at the office.

You can access to those sites by using your 3G/4G LTE network with your mobile phone. But there are some ways you can use to bypass the restriction and access blocked websites, like: VPNs, proxy websites or change DNSs.

VPN is a secure method, lets you connect to another computer and use it as the bridge for transmitting data from your computer to the internet. The data is secured and encrypted, so no one can see and block anything inside the VPN.

Not like the VPN, proxy websites like a virtual web browser that available online, all you need just enter website URL you want to access and it will go through.

You can also changes default DNS of the ISP to Google’s DNS service or OpenDNS as well.