Windows Creators Update: You Don’t Need To Download Large Package Anymore

Windows 10 Creators Update

Have you ever spent a lot of time to wait for Windows downloads the latest updates? Sometimes, it’s very fast because the updates are small. But sometimes, Microsoft pushes out major updates, which take a lot of time to download because the size of those packages is big.

Fortunately, since the Creators Update in Windows 10, you don’t need to wait anymore because Microsoft decided to split the update into smaller. According to the information that we have received, Windows updates now smaller than usual 35%.

This advantage is the result of the new Unified Update Platform feature in Windows 10, which help to shrink the size of updates to be smaller. That said, only necessary files will be downloaded when you check for updates and download them.

This feature will scan entire of your computer and find which files already exist. Based on the result, the Unified Update Platform feature will only download the files that are missing, and part of the updates.

Compared to the old system, it will download all needed files, don’t care if the files are already on your Windows PC. With this move, the size of download packages will be reduced and help to speed up the download and install processes.